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Consuming Vegetables As the Way to Avoid Early Skin Aging
   Discussion: Consuming Vegetables As the Way to Avoid Early Skin Aging
rosariawetzell · 2 months ago
A good healthy skin is the reflection of a Collagen Refresh Lemonade Review healthy body and lifestyle, the way we treat our body on the inside will reflect what we see on the outside. This is true because if you have a healthy lifestyle you will have a strong immune system that will destroy free radicals, keep your skin hydrated and prevent skin damage. Natural skin care remedies should be part of your daily lifestyle and not just used once in a while or when you see that your skin is not looking good. To be in great health your body needs enough water intake and enough fiber, lack of any of those elements will directly affect your skin. Most people just eat junk food, drink alcohol and dont exercise, that kind of lifestyle damage your immune system and your skin in the long term. Is very important to have a diet rich in fiber and take 38 grams of fiber every day if you are 19-50 years old. For example here is a natural skin care remedy: Before shower brush your skin gently with a soft brush. This will remove dead skin cells that clog the pores and detoxify the skin, improves blood circulation and removes puffiness. Stay active, exercise regularly, this is important to avoid stress and improve your general health, sitting for large periods of time can cause acne, puffiness, bloating and more. Avoid Eating too much sugar, because it is one of the major causes of aging, it causes glycation which reduces elasticity and skin firmness. Over the Counter Skin care Creams On the other hand you can take another approach and use just over the counter anti aging creams like the ones advertised by big brands. However the reason that i dont like those creams is that they have high concentration of chemical ingredients and other creams do not work at all.

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