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Women definitely have bigger weight problem then men
   Discussion: Women definitely have bigger weight problem then men
alenalbert · 5 months ago
Do you often notice if women have more problem of overweight instead of men?. Surely when they become older, the problem of weight will become more common to them. For women after their 50s, it's something everyday we see if they struggle with weight. The question is why?, now we're going to answer that. The first fact is, women's body keep fat on larger amount compared to men. According to WHO, the rate of overweight on women is almost twice than men, and it's just about the activity of foods they consume. Moreover, it's what happens to a body of woman that causes more problem to them, and the example has been explained above, their body tend to keep more fat. The truth is the composition of a female is mostly body fat while male tend to have muscle due to hormonal factors and genetic. Men in this case need more calories to get due to their body and more muscle mass composition. That said, regardless of the amount of calories they get, they won't have to really deal with overweight. But women is the opposite, where weight is inevitable and they can gain even though they don't eat that much. also lose the weight problem in

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