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Here is an analysis of the three TemTem starters
   Discussion: Here is an analysis of the three TemTem starters
rodeoneerer · 1 year, 7 months ago
Temtem Pansun With its early access launch on January 21 2020 TemTem has officially arrived on the market. The title developed by the Spanish software house Crema  immediately received excellent sales reaching a few days ago half a million units sold. We therefore thought that it would be useful to help all of you who decided to try your hand at this new adventure offering you a guide. In particular a guide to one of the most important moments: the choice of the starter! We will therefore try to analyze together the three Temtems that the title will present to us at the beginning of our adventure in the Airborne Archipelago seeing their strengths and weaknesses. All related to the challenges that we will face in the early hours of the game. The first Temtem we are going to talk about is Crystle. This small green turtle is a Crystal type Temtem. Temtem Pansun for saleThis therefore makes it strong against types: Electric Mental It is weak against: Fire Earth Melee Typology therefore that (except for a Temtem of the leader of the first Dojo on which he has a type advantage) does not make him either advantaged or disadvantaged in a particular way in the challenge of the first Dojo. Unfortunately however Crystle is definitely at a disadvantage in the challenges against the second and third Dojo making it essential to have captured other Temtems for those challenges. At the level of statistics Crystle presents itself as a physical Temtem finding its strength in these two statistics. In addition it boasts the highest HP statistic among the three starters. In conclusion however we advise against choosing Crystle as a starter (at least at a strategic level). This is for two main reasons. The first already illustrated is its poor use in the struggles against Dojo leaders. The second perhaps more decisive is the fact that Crystle is currently the only starter that can be captured even wild. Therefore it will be possible to obtain it in any case a little further on in our adventure. Taking these factors into consideration therefore it is not possible to identify a real better starter. Even Crystle himself who is currently the least suitable could regain points. We must remember that TemTem is an early access title and therefore still under construction. With the addition of new areas the other two starters as well as the crystal turtle will surely be captured in the race. Furthermore the final evolutions of the three starters have not yet been released thus leaving many possibilities open even at the level of typologies. We therefore await the next updates and we remind you that TemTem can be purchased at the price of € 30.99 on Steam. And have you already started your adventure on TemTem? Which partner did you choose to start? Let us know by interacting with us on our social channels which you can find below. If you find yourself short on cash then buy some Cheap Temtem Pansun here in now! Thanks to our sellers you’re sure to find the currency at an affordable price.

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