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Greater New Mt. Joy Ministries
peshawar multan · 20 days ago
=11ptMeticore long period of time without food actually and it's still functioning and and thrive actually it is so powerful and so transformative and changes your relationship to hunger and all that and for me probably the most important thing was just the aches and pains that went away yeah which was a really big deal let's talk about fasting yeah I read a book by dr. Jason phone called the complete guide to fasting and I learned about more about the science behind it but I think fasting has a there's a physical component there's a mental component in a spiritual component right physically we know that's great for anti-aging jeopardy anticancer better digestion cell regeneration in your body that's the physical component yeah some people do it for weight loss which I do not do it for there's a mental component to knowing that you can go a day to three however long without food and live and actually thrive just realizing that you don't have to be a slave to food you can be in control your body is is it's amazing for your body and your mind to realize that you're =11pt  

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