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Madden NFL 21 is a massive step backwards
   Discussion: Madden NFL 21 is a massive step backwards
rodeoneerer · 24 days ago
buy nfl 21 coins The new Madden NFL 21 football installment debuted a couple of weeks ago amid criticism related largely to the few new features that would be included compared to previous installments. Unfortunately despite the fact that the developer in charge of the game announced that it was working on improvements the whole situation generated such a negative reaction that it did not get rid of a lot of negative reviews that today position it as the lowest rated game in history on Metacritic. It seems that Madden NFL 21 the latest installment in the popular series of American football simulators did not meet the expectations of genre lovers. As reported by GameSpot the production is currently struggling with the so-called review-bombing on the Metacritic portal which consists in giving a given title the lowest possible ratings in order to reduce their average as much as possible. Visually Madden NFL 21 is a massive step backwards. The player models have hardly changed but the environment has suffered. Stadiums spectators mut 21 cions for sale tracking shots and several small details are more reminiscent of the transition from the last to the current generation of consoles. Apart from the players and coaches shown schematically there is no movement within the arena. The situation does not improve much for the versions of the other platforms since the PC and Xbox One versions achieved 0.5 although with fewer reviews. Regarding the opinion of the critics the performance does not improve much either since on average the ratings of the versions of the 3 platforms are between 60 and 69 points. There's no better place on the web to get NFL 21 Coins/Madden Ultimate Team 21 Coins than right here. provides gamers with safe and secure transactions.

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