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Diabetes - A Deadly Foe
   Discussion: Diabetes - A Deadly Foe
rosariawetzell · 1 month ago
Are you like me and not prepared to accept that Blood Sugar Premier Review Diabetes can't be Cured? Did you get the same talk I did from my Doctor, his Nurse, the Diabetes Association and everyone else who thinks they're being helpful - there is no cure (at least that's what they believe)? The Picture They Painted Was Scary and I Don't Even Want to Think About It Earlier this year when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes I went along with the normal channels of information. First the Doctor; then his nurse, then the Diabetes Association and finally the Dietician at the hospital. They all said the same thing. Basically there is a progression that happens with all diabetes patients: Diet controlled You then progress to the common diabetes medication available You'll then progress to insulin And so it goes further with health problems (most of which are too scary to mention) My Way Is To Question A long time ago I decided it was good for me to 'question' whether to believe what I'm told or not, and it's usually held me in good stead. So I began to search for a cure for diabetes because I believed there must be one. Well I was right, there is and I'm easing myself into this new way of living and loving it. Some of you may have read my first article which pointed you straight to a program for raw food, however I realised that my journey began before that, my journey began with education, real education from people who have cured both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and also from the recipients of their knowledge who have been cured themselves.

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