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ylq · 4 months ago
The best quality tobacco leaves, supplemented by refined processing of natural flavors and fragrances. The most attractive one is that the filter contains a "tobacco-based sesame oily scented pearl", and the scented oily substance of tobacco is added to the scented pearl Marlboro Gold. After being ignited and smoked, the smoke is slightly lighter, but after squeezing the beads, the taste is delicate and full, which means that the tobacco burns too fast. Introduced a high-grade fine branch, using the original ecological and highest quality tea green tea, using high-level processing and finishing. The size of the cigarette is 97 mm long and the tar content is 6 mg. The mouth of this cigarette has a cigar feel. The strength is moderate, the smoke is full, and the satisfaction is very good. It smokes more fragrantly, and the cigarette is longer and very resistant. The aftertaste is relatively clean and the overall feeling is pretty good. The mouth of this cigarette is slightly sweet, the aroma is very strong, the taste is relatively smooth, there is a bold and clear scent when smoked, the smoke is fine and full, giving a soft and calm feeling, the aftertaste is relatively comfortable, the fragrance is sweet, and it is very good A cigarette smoked. This cigarette has a sweet taste in the mouth, the smoke is relatively soft, there is a light fragrance when smoked Parliament Cigarettes, and a slightly cool mint taste, not spicy or choking, it is very comfortable after smoking, and the fragrance is long. A very good cigarette, and the price/performance ratio is very high. The organic characteristics of the extracted black tea are fully integrated with the cut tobacco, lock the moisture of the cut tobacco, and purify the original tobacco fragrance, which is moisturizing and comfortable, and the fragrance is comfortable and natural. Take a sip, the top scent is silky and soft in the mouth, naturally blending the original tobacco scent, with the elegance of tea, without overwhelming the guests, and the smoke is full and mellow. Take a few puffs of cigarettes, let the fragrance of smoke swirl in your mouth, taste its charm, the fragrance is as smooth as silk, and the aftertaste is long. It is flavored with pure tobacco leaves. After five years of natural aging and cellaring, the tobacco leaves are refined and the aroma of the tobacco leaves is purified. The aroma of tea is faintly displayed between the breath and the smoke, the smoke is delicate and soft, and it integrates fragrance, taste and comfort. Taste the sweetness of the whirlpool, Ganyi, tongue and body fluid, such a wonderful taste. It perfectly blends the charm of smoke and the elegance of tea. It has a perfect sense of taste, strong layering, rich fragrance, long lasting charm, and endless aftertaste Newport 100S. Related articles: Newport Cartons ForSale Cheap Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping

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