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NieR Automata got a patch finally for Steam
   Discussion: NieR Automata got a patch finally for Steam
alenalbert · 1 year, 4 months ago
The release of cool games that are dazzling in terms of visuals, stories, and music will still end up being a sneer if the developer doesn't seem to bother with technical issues that consistently surface. Especially if this attitude is taken in the midst of the behavior of many other developers who show the opposite trend, where they continue to improve the games they release. This kind of treatment must be faced by gamers who have bought NieR Automata on Steam. Never even once got a patch and only relying on mods from fans, the conditions finally changed! Complaints did indeed get stronger after the claim of the release of the Xbox Game Pass version of NieR Automata for PC which was said to be superior, especially in terms of features. After waiting for a long time, at least this condition will change. Through its official Twitter account, Square Enix will certainly provide a patch for NieR Automata Steam in the future. It is not clear about the release window, but they admit that they are currently developing this patch. There are no details about what things will be fixed and perfected. Square Enix also promised to share more details at a later date. NieR Automata itself has been available on Steam since 2017. How about you? How many of you are also dissatisfied with NieR Automata's technical performance on Steam? later perform better with Gaming PC Guide Blog recommendation

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