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Jeff Kaplan leaves Blizzard officially
   Discussion: Jeff Kaplan leaves Blizzard officially
alenalbert · 1 year, 4 months ago
The face of Overwatch itself, there are no more words to describe Jeff Kaplan's position in the gaming industry. It was through his cold hands, especially through active enough interaction with the community to communicate the content and various changes that Blizzard planned, Overwatch managed to achieve the success it is today. Jeff Kaplan has also immediately spearheaded Overwatch 2 which, until now, has yet to set a definite release date. But who would have thought that instead of standing under the Blizzard banner, he'd left. After 19 years of working at Blizzard, Jeff Kaplan finally officially left Blizzard. There is no more detailed explanation of the reason behind his departure. Through an official statement he released, Kaplan only thanked everyone at Blizzard who had supported their game, team and players. Jeff Kaplan's position will be replaced by Aaron Keller, who will now be responsible for overseeing the development process for Overwatch 2. Blizzard also promises to share more information related to this series in the near future. It is not clear where Jeff Kaplan will go next and whether he will survive in the gaming industry or not. How about you? To which company would you like to see Jeff Kaplan dock next? see Gaming Inside Blog and you will feel many good product to use

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