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For fat loss this what to do before getting to sleep
   Discussion: For fat loss this what to do before getting to sleep
alenalbert · 1 year, 2 months ago
Did you know that having an ideal body can not only be achieved by going to the fitness center? Yes, you can also lose weight to reach the ideal range by doing certain habits before bed. The following are things you can make a habit of before bed so you can lose weight to reach the ideal range. Research shows that 102 participants who drank tea before bed for 6 weeks in a row experienced a fairly significant weight loss. One type of tea mentioned in this study is oolong tea. When you are trying to sleep, your mind is often burdened by the many problems you are facing. This can affect your sleep at night. In fact, adequate and quality sleep can help you lose weight. Well, consuming tea before bed can help relax your mind so you can get good quality sleep. In addition to the calming aroma, consuming herbal tea can also reduce the desire to eat sweet foods. Therefore, herbal teas are very good to consume if you want to lose weight. A chicken thigh containing approximately 1/4 gram of tryptophan can make you sleep more soundly. By consuming it 3 or 4 hours before bedtime, the duration you fall asleep will increase. This will ultimately affect the fat burning process In addition to chicken thighs, you can also find the amino acid tryptophan in beef, salmon and tuna. Stretching muscles done at least an hour before bed can be a trigger for drowsiness. Therefore, for better sleep quality so that the fat burning process is more optimal, muscle stretching should be used as a routine before you close your eyes. Some other routines that you can make choices, such as reading novels, writing in a sleep diary, meditation or other things that make the body relax. Use air conditioning in the room and set the temperature to 18 degrees Celsius. This can help the process of burning belly fat while sleeping, especially if it is done in 4 weeks. If the temperature is not cold enough, take off some of your clothes and use a light blanket to cover your body so you don't shiver. As an alternative, you can also take a shower before bed to help lower body temperature so that the fat burning process during sleep becomes more optimal. Who would have thought, even sleeping habits can be a way to lose weight at night. But remember, sleeping here means getting enough sleep. According to a study from the Annals of Internal Medicine, sleeping for 8.5 hours every night will erode body fat twice as much as sleeping only 5.5 hours. This even holds true even if they burn the same number of calories during the day. Adequate sleep affects the hormones leptin and ghrelin. The hormone leptin regulates energy levels and suppresses appetite. Meanwhile, the hormone ghrelin stimulates hunger. What is the relationship between these two hormones with body weight? People who sleep more have high levels of the hormone leptin and low levels of the hormone ghrelin, so their appetite is maintained every day. There is a myth that says: "Night exercise keeps a person awake all night". This is not true. In fact, exercise before bed is useful for weight loss. Based on a survey from the National Sleep Foundation, people who are more active will have 56-67 percent better sleep quality. It does not depend on the time of exercise. Both cardio and weight training are both ways to burn fat before bed. People who often do weight training have a higher metabolic rate than those who don't exercise. So, don't be afraid to exercise at night to help your diet. And try Healthguideblog for helping to find best possible training for body.

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