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It would not be hard noticing effect of over exercise
   Discussion: It would not be hard noticing effect of over exercise
alenalbert · 1 year, 5 months ago
Everyone's motivation to exercise is different. Whether it's because you want to lose weight, maintain fitness, achieve your dream body shape, and other things. But, whatever the motivation, the most important part is that exercise must be done according to capacity. Do not force yourself to do sports that are too strenuous or excessive because the impact is actually not good for the body. It is said to be excessive when it is beyond the body's capacity, causing problems. “It depends on the level of one's fitness. The fitter and more trained the person is, the higher the capacity to take on the training load. Vice versa." people who are not fit have a lower capacity to accept training loads. He emphasized that the category of excessive exercise is that the training load has exceeded the capacity, so that it has an unexpected effect. To find out whether someone is excessive or not in exercising, there are two ways that can be done. The first is through laboratory tests. This method is somewhat more complicated because it must pass a special examination. Meanwhile, there is a second, easier way, which is to see the signs that occur after exercising. Excessive exercise causes overtraining syndrome. "People who exercise want their bodies to feel better, have more energy, be lighter, and feel happier, more relaxed." "But if you have overtraining syndrome, it's the opposite,"   Overtraining syndrome makes the body feel achy and painful instead of being light. In addition, the body also becomes less energetic and weak. In addition, overtraining syndrome also affects mood, making a person lazy to talk, more irritable, and irritable. "Sleep also doesn't sound good, eat doesn't have an appetite, if a woman's menstruation doesn't run smoothly. Then it becomes easy to get sick, catch the flu, feel feverish,"   Another sign that may occur is a heart that continues to beat even when at rest due to an increase in pulse rate. with this exercise avoid effect above

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