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What could make your diet to failure What could make your diet to failure

   Discussion: What could make your diet to failure
alenalbert · 7 months ago
Not everyone managed to lose weight after a diet. Many events, weight back up after stopping the diet program (yoyo diet). Apparently this is the cause. Experts found that people with yo-yo diet are caused by the characteristic of protein levels in their blood. Researchers found women who berahsil maintain good weight tend to have enzyme levels are great. This shows the levels of these enzymes that affect a person in maintaining his weight. Possible proteins contained in the enzyme can affect the hormones that function to control how the body feels a full stomach and make the body store extra fat and water.The Best Weight Loss Program: The 3 Week Diet Plan System Large levels of enzymes that were not found in women who experienced yo-yo diet. "Diet yo-yo can interfere with the psychological person because he will feel a failure in losing weight and can reduce his confidence," said Dr Susan Jebb from the Medical Research Council's nutrition center in Cambridge. (Cited from Dailymail, Monday (28/2/2011). Dr. Jebb reminded the importance of studying the causes of a person failing on a diet. That way can be determined what strategies people need to do to maintain their weight in the long term. This discovery will provide clues for someone to perform a simple blood test before a diet. This is to give him help in maintaining his slim body shape. The study was conducted by researchers from 8 countries in Europe who analyzed the blood of 96 participants who managed to lose weight. About half of the participants managed to keep their weight, while the other half actually gain weight after quitting diet. Researchers conducted blood tests of 34 proteins that showed levels of a substance called angiotensin-converting enzyme. This substance is strongly associated with women who have a yo-yo diet or women with unstable weight.

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