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5 benefits from doing this body training 5 benefits from doing this body training

   Discussion: 5 benefits from doing this body training
alenalbert · 7 months ago
Generally, the exercises you do are concentric exercises whose repetition is centered on positive movements or lifting movements against gravity. Meanwhile, concentric exercise applies vice versa, ie concentrate reps on negative movement or lower resistance in the direction of gravity. For example, when you lower the bar during bench press or lower your hips during squats. Apparently, this exercise method should not be underestimated, because this technique was effective to recruit muscle fiber type II for maximum muscle development. Well, let you more interested to feel the benefits of eccentric exercise for your body, let's peel some of its superiority one by one. 1Increasing Muscle Strength As mentioned earlier, eccentric training methods are very effective for improving hypertrophy. That is, you will experience the development of size and strength of muscle (strength) is more significant than the concentric exercise. This is because you are able to use a much heavier load, which is 1.75 times heavier than the load you can lift during a concentric workout. Since you can use a much heavier load on an eccentric exercise, your increased strength will be felt as you go back to concentric forces, so you might be able to handle loads between 20-50 percent more weight than your 1RM concentrically. 2Making Bind Networks Connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons function to connect muscles and bones. Injury to the connective tissue is very troublesome because it is difficult to cure. Fortunately, eccentric exercises can help strengthen this section. With an increasingly strong connective tissue, you will be further away from injury. 3Using Less Energy One of the hallmarks of eccentric exercise is that it takes advantage of less energy. This is because most of your energy is used to push or lift the load on positive motion. Obviously, this is very useful, because you can use your energy to do more, be it in training or out of practice. 4Provides Body Flexibility Apparently, not just the size and strength of muscle alone that can increase due to eccentric exercise. According to a number of studies, this exercise method was also able to increase flexibility or flexibility of the body. It seems impossible, huh? Negative movements in your force cause the growth of muscle fibers that increase your muscle length by developing a sarcoma (functional unit of striated muscle) inside the muscle. With the longer muscles, the flexibility of your body is also growing. 5Meningkatkan Power Power or power is the ability to create force with time as quickly as possible. In other words, energy is needed to perform explosive movements, such as clean and jerk movements, swing baseball bats, or while running hurdles.Men’s Best Weight Loss Program: Turbulence Training Workout The stronger you are, the greater your energy development potential. Usually when you train the power, the load you use is only 30-60 percent of your 1RM. But through an eccentric exercise with a heavy load, you can increase your 1RM size. Ultimately, the burdens that you can use to train your energy also increase, so you become more explosive. Apparently, the benefits of eccentric exercise can not be underestimated, right? But, eccentric exercise is not a substitute for concentric exercise, but rather as a support to increase the size and strength of your muscles

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