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benefits of training by using machines benefits of training by using machines

   Discussion: benefits of training by using machines
alenalbert · 6 months ago
Currently weight training is much in demand by various circles. The reasons ranging from health goals, forming the ideal body, lose weight, to build muscle. When practicing in the gym, maybe you can use the available load machines. Meanwhile, if you practice at home, you can use free weights from barbell dumbbells are also relatively cheap and easy to carry anywhere. The question is, which one is better for you to practice? Is it free weights or by using machines? If you want to get the best results, you need to know whether practicing using a machine is better than using free weights, or maybe vice versa. Both have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of exercise using machines and free weights. No. Machine Free Load 1. burn fat and build muscle by following this program As you practice using the machine, you can add as much weight as you can in a single exercise. Whether single or multiple. So it does not waste much time and prolongs pause between sets. If you practice using dumbbell you can not change the force load. If using a barbell you have to add and replace the load so it takes time. 2. Practicing using a machine generally gives less hormonal pressure on the body. In addition, the load is not lifted as much as possible when using free weights so that burned calories are also smaller. Practicing using free weights can help you strengthen your maximal muscles and maximize hormonal responses. Calorie burning is also greater than the engine. 3. Risk of injury is smaller because it has been designed in such a way that the user avoid injury from lifting weights too heavy. The risk of injury is greater and the need to use the spotter for fear when the load is too heavy will fall and hit the person who is practicing. 4. More targets on certain muscles so that the concentration of movement is maintained. It is a little difficult to focus the movement because the body must be more concentrated in determining the correct execution of movement. 5. Variation of movement using the machine less than free weights, so the muscles will easily get used. The movement varies more than using the machine, so the muscles are not used and more well stimulated. 6. The design of fitness machines is not always suitable for all individuals. Sometimes people who are too tall or too short will feel uncomfortable and difficulty using the machine. Free weights can be used by anyone. Both those who are fat, thin, too tall, too short, even those with physical disabilities though. 7. Practicing with the engine may be more efficient, but only train the muscles in general (large muscles) while the small muscles are often overlooked. Practicing using free weights can indirectly train the body joints that are not executed while using the machine. 8. The engine is more difficult to carry so limited only in the room only. It's easier to carry around. But of all the advantages and disadvantages of this, you should combine between practice with the machine and free weights to exercise more leverage. Because each exercise has its own function, both in stimulating the muscle to minimize injury factors.

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