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   Discussion: New Yorker Electronics Introduces New Line of Film Capacitors
Sebahtstian · 14 days ago
New ASC Capacitors MEC-DL Line Designed for DC Links, Connecting Rectifiers and Inverters New Yorker Electronics is now distributing the ASC Capacitors new MEC-DL Line of Film Capacitors, designed for PCB board mounting. These new ASC Capacitors MEC-DL Series Film Capacitors are ideal for frequency converters, micro inverters and DC filtering applications. Their lead spacing and compact size are conducive for low inductance (<1nH per mm of lead spacing). The MEC-DL Series is available with a single lead or dual leads depending on current or application requirements. Noted for their low ESR and dry construction, the series has a capacitance range of 10uF to 100uF and voltages of 450VDC, 850VDC and 950VDC. They are housed in a PBT case with epoxy fill and metallized polypropylene. These film capacitors can be used in arrays for bulk capacitance, for placement near or around high frequency circuits. The film is also segmented to minimize capacitance loss. ASC Capacitors MEC-DL Onboard Type Film Capacitors are high-frequency, high-stability, large current capacitors designed for DC links, connecting rectifiers and inverters. They have tolerance options of either ±5% or ±10% and a VDC of either 450 or 850. motor capacitors for sale motor capacitors for sale motor capacitors suppliers motor capacitors suppliers AC capacitors for sale AC capacitors for sale AC motor capacitor AC motor capacitor

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